Sunday, July 6, 2008

Scarlett at 1 year

Scarlett at 1 year
Weight: 18 lbs 2 oz (10 percentile)
Height: 50 percentile (forgot to ask what it was exactly)
Head: 50 percentile

She is almost walking on her own.  She's taken 1 step by herself and will stand for a few seconds.  She is always climbing up the stairs, and thinks it is hilarious if you chase her and pull her down off the stairs.  

Words: Uh-oh, Momma, Dadda, All done!, yes, more (baby-signs that one), milk (baby-sign), shakes her head "no".  She can show you on one finger how old she is if you ask her.  She says "Hello"to the telephone, "Hi" to people and waves when they say "hi."  She says, "Bye-bye" and waves when someone leaves. Then she also repeats all kinds of fact, she'll repeat almost anything you say.  She'll also answer, "what does a fish say?" "What does a pig say?"  The other day I told Nathan to tell his daddy happy birthday, and Scarlett chimed in, "Happy Birthday!" She tries to sing along to music in the car and chatters/babbles constantly. Brig and I are both pretty certain that once she really figures out how to talk, she won't stop.  The doctor tried to convince me that having a chatter-box is a good thing.....I guess we'll see.   

Happy Birthday Brig and Scarlett

Here are some pics from Brig's 30th and Scarlett's 1st Birthday party....we had a great time with lots of friends, 2 cakes, and 4 different kinds of homemade ice cream.  

Scarlett loved her presents.  She was so sweet with the doll, immediately giving it a hug and a kiss.  She also loves to ride her new horse.  

Brig liked his gifts too (Nintendo Wii). (Pictures still to come)

Oh, and I took Scarlett to get her 1 year old pictures the other day.  We got some cute pics of the kids together.