Friday, October 31, 2008

On the 3rd day of Halloween....October 31st

This morning when I asked Nathan if he knew what day it was, he said, "what?" I told him it was Halloween and he laughed and excitedly asked, "Again?"  Yes, we've done a lot of Halloween activities in the last little while, but today is OFFICIALLY the last day of Halloween at the Stoker house.


Nathan held Scarlett's hand almost the whole time......

......until we got to a house.  Then Nathan wanted to stay back by Mom and Dad and Scarlett wanted to run up to the door and knock, and knock, and knock until someone answered
We ran into our good friends Makayla and Declan while we were out
Then it was off to a Halloween Party for all of us!

On the 2nd Day of Halloween...October 30th

Carving pumpkins
....eating pumpkins
....posing punkins. If you look closely you might be able to tell that Nathan's is a "pumpkin pumpkin" and Scarlett's is a "kitty pumpkin"
....and the astronaut and "tat tat meow" trunk-or-treating at the ward carnival

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just the beginning of Halloween

The skeletons in their PJs. You might be able to tell that I had to wake Scarlett for this photo
Halloween isn't complete without baking and decorating sugar cookies...
Scarlett was definitely into the cookie making
After I made the frosting I divided it into three bowls: one for orange, one for green, and one for yellow colored icing.  Nathan said, "OK. I want the blue bowl." Not meaning that he wanted some blue frosting, meaning that he thought I was dividing the frosting to eat out of bowls like a bowl of cereal....
My sister drove down from Philadelphia with her 3 girls (the youngest only 5 weeks old!)...we had lots of fun at the pumpkin patch
Scarlett giggled the whole time she fed the goats. Nathan refused to even try. I'm pretty sure I saw Scarlett pick up some corn from the mud-trampled ground and eat it herself. It probably fell out of the goat's mouth. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008


As anyone with kids probably knows, prayers are always a work in progress.  Nathan usually does a fairly good job, with a few reminders every once in a while.  But tonight as he was saying family prayers before bed, right in the middle of the prayer, he started talking gibberish.  Not just mumbling (which he sometimes does), but intelligible gibberish like "oh da la be fo ga ro me." He kept at it for quite a while.  Brig and I looked at each other and we both had a look on our faces like, "Great. Now he's being silly during prayers." He finished, and we both looked at him. Brig asked, "Was that a real prayer, Nathan?"  Nathan replied, "Yeah. It was in Spanish."

Side note: We have a Spanish group that meets with us at church and sometimes Brigham takes Nathan to the spanish baptisms.  He always has to explain why they are talking funny.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A mind of its own

Lately Nathan's tummy has been telling him lots of things.  At first he would just tell me that his tummy was telling him that he was hungry.  That seemed to make sense.  Now, however, it seems his stomach has developed a mind of its own since at least once a day he tells me that his tummy told him that he does/does not want to do something.  For example, "My tummy is telling me that I want to go to the mall!"  or "My tummy is telling me that I need you to read me a story right now!" or "My tummy is not telling me that I want dinner."  Now I know I've asked him if his tummy is feeling hungry, but I have never asked him if his tummy feels like going shopping.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Names for the Martian Baby

OK, so it is probably about time to be thinking for new names for baby #3.  It looks like she'll be either Mia (Brig likes) or Claire (I like).  Any votes?

Funny side note: Brig and I both like the names Violet and Ruby, but since we already have a Scarlett, they are about as likely a choice as Martian.