Sunday, April 6, 2008

Crayon all over the house

If you happen to come by to visit, you'll see lots of new artwork on the walls and you may notice that my house smells especially fresh like a baby's bottom....Nathan dumped baby powder all over the carpet yesterday and he has been pretty diligent about coloring on at least one wall or desk or other piece of furniture per week.  AHHHHH!!!  I thought by 3 they were supposed to be growing out of this kind of thing!


Greg and Heather said...

Shan-I have to say that sadly Sarah has just started coloring all over everything again! I guess it must be the age, but that really doesn't make it any easier to clean up! (Thank heaven for magic eraser, though)

tarynn said...

I too can relate to the hazards of crayons! What's the best way to clean crayon off? I've heard those magic erasers are great, but i've never tried one. Any tips?

Shannon said...

I remember scrubbing crayon off the wall with toothpaste as a worked, but I'm sure magic eraser is better (not 100% sure, though, because I haven't cleaned the walls yet! -- I'll keep you posted.)