Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family of 5

Scarlett (pokes Mia in the eye): Eyes!
Shannon:  Scarlett - don't poke her in the eye! Touch the top of her head instead.
Scarlett (pokes Mia in the eye): Eyes!  
Shannon: Ahh! Don't poke her eyes! (Decides not to put Mia on the floor if the kids are awake.)


Greg and Heather said...

Cute Jammies on Mia! I am well aware of the "don't put the baby down ever" house suffered, but at least Rachel and Sarah survived infancy! Oh, and thank goodness for baby bjorn snugglies

Sarah and Devin said...

That is so cute. At least she means well = )

Brooke said...

Hey! I am so glad you guys found my blog. I have checked out Brigham's facebook a few times. It has been fun to see your family. Congratulations on your new little Mia. She is beautiful. Tell Bing hi.

The Harrises said...

I guess that would be a lesson learned. At least Scarlett is saying eyes!

Sara said...

What a funny thing! And such a cute family - even if they are trying to poke out eyes!