Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trip #3

OK, so I skipped January trip #2: Asheville.  We went to check it out as a possible place to live...the verdict? Love the town, but more of a vacation spot.  

So, Trip #3: Utah to bless Mia.  Yes, I flew by myself with 3 kids to Utah.  No half as bad as I thought it would be.  Anyway, here she is on her big day.  My sister did the smocking and my mom made the dress.  How lucky I am to be related to such talented ladies!!! 

This is a 4 generation of sorts: Brig's mom, grandmother Ruby, Brig and baby Mia
Grandma Ruby and Mia
Brig was able to fly in Friday night so we got to spend Saturday together.  We took the kids to the Clark planetarium and watched a 3D movie about Dinosaurs.  Nathan wore his glasses until the end of the first trailor when a fish snapped at us.  Then he only put them on for scenery parts if the music wasn't ominous....
The kids loved to snuggle with Grandpa Steve (my dad) before going to bed.  I think Grandpa Steve liked it too.


The Harrises said...

What cute pictures, and to think, I had no idea you were doing so much traveling, alone! We really need to get together sometime.

Rees and Becca said...

Wow - flying with three little kids - one a baby. Don't know how you did that one through security - you'll have to give me some pointers!