Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Brigham and Scarlett!

Saturday June 27th: Scarlett's Birthday!
We let Scarlett open her presents first thing in the morning because we didn't have a good way to wrap her new kitchen, and we didn't want to try to hide it all day....I think my kids thought it was just like Christmas!

After breakfast, we took the kids to the pool (an activity we do 3 or 4 times a week right now, due to the heat and humidity). We had a great time! Usually I'm juggling all 3, but it was so nice to have Brig there to help and so fun to spend time with the entire fam.

Nathan has been so afraid to go under the water. He has told me numerous times that he would go under when he was "an adult." Finally, I told Nathan that he could earn his Nintendo Wii Lego Star Wars game if he went under the water....and TA DA! That was all it took! Now he'll dunk himself like a pro (sort of).

Mia absolutely loves the water.  She tries to put her face in and drink it, though. So I have to watch out!
Because Brig's birthday was on Monday (31!! the old man...)  we had some friends come over to our house for Brigham's favorite dinner: ribs, potatoes, asparagus. salad, strawberries...YUM! And of course, we had Texas sheet cake for dessert.  I'm sure this won't be the last time Brigham and Scarlett will share blowing out the birthday candles!

I had the kids get Brigham a body pillow for his birthday.  They were so excited to give him this very large present all wrapped up!

Happy Birthday Scarlett and Brig --- we LOVE you!

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Holly and Landon said...

Hi Shan! These pictures are so cute! Your kids are adorable and you look great! I miss ya and hope you are doing well! Love ya!