Saturday, November 14, 2009

Walking and Hair

TA-DA! Here's the rundown, for her baby book someday:
-1st steps just before 10 months
-Taking 8 or 9 steps at 11 months
-Never even crawls anymore at 11 months 3 weeks (and always so proud of herself when she walks across the room to you!)

Words: moma, dada, bear, boo, bye-bye (waves), meow, that (points), poo-poo, quack

This is what she does when you ask to see her funny face

Just can't get enough of her stink face

This is a little random, but Nathan has been insisting on a mohawk lately...

Scarlett has started keeping her hair in for a good, maybe 20 minutes or so before she pulls it out -- we are making progress!


Maureen said...

Shan- your kids are so cute! I can't believe Mia is walking already. What happened to your little baby? Have I ever even seen her in person? I need to come visit.

The Harrises said...

Congrats to Scarlet for leaving her hair in! It looks lovely if you dare tell her. Look at the little genius walking and talking. Way to go on the advancement.

Meg said...

So adorable. Also, on the post above, Nathan cracks me up. He is so smart and so funny.