Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Yes, he is now 5 years old. Yes, he is wearing 2 ties.

Thanks for coming to celebrate, guys!

Nathan overheard Brig and I talking about the cake as I was decorating it. Then he asked, "what does ghetto mean"?
So this year Nathan requested a "green turtle" cake. Remember the "green Q" cake last year? It wasn't until after I started to decorate it that he told me, "I mean I want a Ninja Turtle cake." Oh, great. Like I know what that looks like. Brig helped me with the logistics. If only I'd had a few more minutes maybe the eyes wouldn't be so lopsided and the rest wouldn't be so ghetto. In my own defense, that afternoon we had someone coming to see the house, Mia had to go to the doctor, then that someone who was coming to see the house while we left it vacant for an hour (with the beginnings of the un-decorated turtle cake stashed in the oven) decided to come late. While we were all home. While the baby was in the bath. While we were making dinner. If only they'd offered on the house it would have been worth it.

Happy Birthday big 5 year old. We love you!


Heather E. said...

holy cow! he's 5!? we dearly miss nathan. I wanted to tell you how good it was for me to watch him when he was 3.5 to 4. Because Haven's now in that stage and doing all the things Nathan did. It was a good heads up. I'm sorry about your house situation where they came late. That would be awful! Good luck!

The Harrises said...

Urgh those buyers! I hate how life has to go on while you your house has to appear vacant. Happy bithday Nathan! Good luck with the house. After 73 showings, it was nice to have a mess.

The Batchelors said...

Love the cake. I am very impressed- so cute!

The Thomas Family said...

haha! It was not a ghetto cake!

Greg and Heather said...

Shan--anyone who can turn a"turtle" cake into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake is completely AWESOME and needs no help from me--but can I tell you how excited I am for you to live close enough that I COULD do a cake for your kids!! WOO HOO!

gavriel said...

The cake looks good