Thursday, March 25, 2010


Scarlett has needed a haircut for a LONG time, but every time I mentioned it she would burst into tears. Then one morning I asked her if she wanted a haircut and she said, "and I will turn into Cinderella?" "Oh, yes" I agreed, "and you will be a beautiful princess." Then I didn't waste any time. I cut it immediately. Couldn't give her time to change her mind, which changes as fast as her moods.
Now she has a haircut. Now she thinks she is Cinderella.


Sarah and Devin said...

you cut that?!? she looks absolutely ADORABLE!! I love it! I want you to cut Delainey's hair...when it grows a little more...if you are still here! = )

The Batchelors said...

So cute. You did a great job! She is even more adorable now!

Crystal and Brad Barger said...

Okay - that is such the cutest hair cut. She is one of the cutest girls ever! You have a hidden talent.