Friday, April 17, 2009

4 1/2 months old and rolling over (finally)

The other day when Mia was lying on the floor and Scarlett was playing near her,  I asked Scarlett what she was doing.  She replied, "Sharing".  Mia then spit a fruit snack out of her mouth.  SO, in an effort to spare her life, I RARELY put Mia on the floor. But, here she is, rolling over for the 1st time.


The Thomas Family said...

Whoa! I've missed all your posts! Congrats to Mia!! It's funny you say "finally"... if you mean that in regards to 4 1/2 months being old I won't even tell you how old my kids were when they rolled over.
I loved your girls' matching Easter outfits! And Mia's basket is so cute. No, I'm the most boring mom--I didn't even give my kids easter baskets. Next year I'll start!
And the Q cake looked great! I'm sure you didn't have a Q pan so, I'm impressed!

Janelle said...

She is just the most adorable baby ever! I love just looking at her cute cute face :)