Friday, April 17, 2009

I had to work on Easter Sunday, so we didn't ever get a "whole family standing outside in the bright sun with our new clothes on" picture.  This is the best I've got.

Brig told me I was probably the most boring mom in the world for putting pretzels (and raisins and craisins) in some of the eggs....but guess what Scarlett ate very FIRST?!  

And since I don't have a pic of my two girls in matching outfits (sad, I know), here are the outfits, without the girls.  


Greg and Heather said...

cute outfits, Shan (and who am I to judge on the eggs...remember I put erasers in ours)

Stan and Mel said...

Wow! I like what you put in Mia's Easter basket! Rice is my favorite too :)