Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Nathan conversation

Nathan (looking at a mole on Brig's arm): What's that?
Brigham: It's a mole
Nathan: Why do you get moles?
Brigham: When you are older you just get moles sometimes
Nathan: I don't have any moles. That is because little blond boys don't get moles.  But Mommy, she's getting moldy, and Daddy, you are getting moldy too.


Sarah and Devin said...

that just made my day! He is hilarious!

Cory.Jennifer.Jillian.Cannon said...

I loved that he used the word "moldy" thats too funny

Dimond Blogger said...

I'm glad I found you guys. Now I can at least see you virtually, since we haven't seen you in person for forever. Hopefully we will see you this week!